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New Project Management and Revitalization

Our team and partners meet the major companies project management needs. Here's how:

Project management, development and construction

With the regulations of premises and licensing standards, design and completion of your real estate projects, our team will free you from these tedious tasks, we will carry out your projects on time, within budget and guarantee a return on investment in our services to your expectations.

Sustainable buildings in a sustainable environment

Our valuation and urbanization team will perform and recommend actions to be implemented to ensure the sustainability and harmonious development of your building attracting superior tenants, all resulting in better performance.

Punctuality is of the essence

Assessing the infrastructure and internal systems of your building by analyzing the costs and quality.

Direct contact

Our team will join yours to provide ongoing support in response to all your needs, day to day operations and greater deployment.

In your area and across Quebec, we will be near you!

« Real value. Value realized. »

Many of our project managers are recognized directors and property managers, contractors, architects, engineers and construction managers. Their contribution to our team is the best investment for your future projects!